Evans Lawn Care of Tallahassee

Evans Lawn Care of Tallahassee

" NO job is too BIG "

About the Company 

Evans Lawn Care of Tallahassee is a company with a fresh take on providing lawn care services in Tallahassee, Florida. We are committed to treating your lawns with absolute care and attention to detail. This is why we settle for nothing but the best. Although our business is relatively new, we strive to provide the type of lawn care that you deserve.

I just started my new business in July of (2016). You can find me on Facebook. I offer not just lawn Service but pressure washing. Have a 6ft by 8ft trailer for Debris/junk removal , shed clean up/out. Or whatever you may need me to do.  

I have cerebral palsy in my left hand and some of my left side. I've had it since I was 6months old. I've learned to work with what I have.
You can do things with 1 hand that most people can't do with 2 hands

Neal Evans { dad }